Political Parties

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Featured Party

The National Democratic Party (NDP) is a Ghanaian political party, founded in October 2012 as a split from the ruling National Democratic Congress. Its first leader was former NDC politician Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, who is also the wife of former President of Ghana and NDC founder Jerry Rawlings.


The NDP was founded in the wake of the death of President John Atta Mills in July 2012. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings had been a 2011 rival of Atta Mills prior to his re-nomination as the NDC candidate for president. The NDP announced its formation as part of the opposition to the NDC's candidate, President John Dramani Mahama, for the 7 December 2012 presidential election. The NDP was announced on 6 July 2012 by its interim General Secretary, Manboah Rockson, and was said to be born of dissatisfaction with the NDC, which had often been personified by the Rawlingses and their supporters. Former populist military head of state Jerry Rawlings had formed the NDC in 1992, and had led the party as President of Ghana from 1993 to 2001, although he had differences with his successor Atta Mills. Its emblems are described as:

...a flying dove holding on to the Gye Nyame symbol as its logo and the colours red, green, white and black similar to that of the NDC with the motto: Justice, unity, peace and progress.

The NDP held its first national congress at Baba Yara Stadium Kumasi on 13 October 2012, endorsing Agyeman Rawlings as its leader. Former President Jerry Rawlings, who spoke at the NDP congress, had as a NDC member attended the launch of Mahama's campaign manifesto on 4 October, leading to what the BBC called "speculation that her candidature could divide the Rawlings home." At the NDP congress he gave a speech saying his former party had lost the "moral high ground" and promising a "proper revolution" within the NDC, saying the party's selection process had been corrupt.

Interim General Secretary Manboah Rockson resigned from the NDP just before the founding congress, saying he was returning to the NDC. Hanford Amoako, former MP for Nkoranza, was named interim General Secretary to replace him. The 13 October congress named Josiah Aryeh as National Chairman of the NDP. Other officers included Hilarius Abiwu and David Sunu.

General Policy

The National Democratic Party believes that the role of democratic government is to protect and strengthen liberty; to redress the balance between the powerful and the weak, and a government that invests in the people but at the same time is prepared to be accountable for their actions. The Party therefore tried to show how to improve the poor governance of the NDC government in the course of their first Manifesto.

The NDP believes they can only redress the balance if they identify the weaknesses in the constitution and emphasize on structural changes, which will go a long way to block the loopholes that allow the injustices to be perpetrated in the first place.

They reject the Constitutional Review Commission Report of the late President Mills as insufficient to cure the ills of Ghanaian society. They aim to ask for a reform through a Referendum if they come into power.

The Party recognizes that the ethnic differences in Ghana’s society must be accepted as a reality and none of the country’s actions should ignore this fact. There are multiple, diverse ethnic cultures and traditions in Ghana as well as in Africa. This must be taken into account if things are to be taken seriously and have a united future.

The national parliament cannot be strengthened because it has reached the end of its tether. What needs to be done is strengthening the structures in the regions into full-blown regional governments, each managing its own affairs in the interest of the indigenous people of the area. The people should be empowered to take their affairs into their own hands.

The Party expresses that what is lacking is checks and balances.

The NDP believes that voters must have a strong enough voice and a real choice. This must be on the regions and districts levels. The principle of NDP on constitutional questions including decentralization in full and the parliamentary reform, as well as role of the judiciary should be reviewed.

They should reflect the aims and aspiration of all the ethnic groups in our society and not just a few. There should not be any Volta Region as “World-Bank-of-Ghana-Politics” to the detriment of others. This is pure and simple deception. The NDP thinks they should go on the journey from “virtual” to “real” policy in politics. They believe they should deliver and not deceive themselves.

Constitutional reform and not review is more than anything else important for the future and the destiny of the people of Ghana, and should remain the core of our politics.

There should be constitutional devices to guarantee civil liberties and to disperse power to the regions and between branches of national government. NDP must ask for a referendum in which the people may want a devolution. The NDP pays tribute to Mrs. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings who single-handedly stood against all odds under extreme conditions to bring into life the existence of the party. The function of NDP should be corrective and life saving for the country.

The corruption going on is not only due to loopholes in the constitution but the constitution itself needs basic structural changes to reflect the true wishes and aspirations of all our people.




The National Democratic Party aims to take the opportunity that the internet offers to deliver a rebuff of part if not all that President Mahama has said during his rhetoric.

1.     Building a strong and resilient economy: Forbes Magazine says Ghana ranks as one of the world’s worst economies. Examples of this is a hydroelectric plant that was built to supply electricity to Africa’s largest aluminum smelter. The smelter has been idle since 2009, casualty of low aluminum prices and persistent electricity shortages that have forced the government to divert the power elsewhere.

2.     Gross Domestic Product per capita fell nine percent last year to 621 Dollars, ranking Ghana 154 out of 184 countries tracked by IMF. Below Haiti.

3.     Last year Ghana had a trade-deficit of 3 billion Dollars, and external debt of 4.9 billion Dollars.

4.     Ghana is struggling to pay its bills even as it sits on some of the world’s biggest Gold reserves in Ashanti and Bauxite.

5.     The late President Mills drove in the states' own Rolls Royce to go and buy Kenke in one of the worlds' filthiest markets in the 21st century.

6.     While the world is focusing its attention on Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Portugal, another group of nations including Ghana make the above named countries positively well managed.

7.     The NDC government is notoriously known for its tribalism, thus not using the human capital it has in full. The government has practiced policies of cronyism.

When the NDP come into power, they aspire to set up a commission of inquiry into all allegations of cronyism and compensation paid to all those who have been illegally dismissed from their jobs.

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that the climate for investments is not conducive. Ghana is experiencing soaring food prices. UNDP found that Ghanaians spend 62% of their income on food.

Ghanaian villagers even spend more on food than urban dwellers. Smallholder farmers devoted most of their resources to growing food but their farm productivity is too low to meet all their food needs.


A constitution that is watertight, guarantees true freedom of every citizen of Ghana, promotes competition, helps to initiate creativity, innovation, and stops unnecessary migration of people from the North to the South. A constitution that guarantees freedom of movement but recognizes the ethnic differences and considers them in decision-making.


There will be freedom of religion. Abuse in religion shall be dealt with in all seriousness as a crime. The NDP’s policy shall always be a separation of church and government. Islam is a recognized and respected religion but any attempt to mobilize Muslims to vote for a particular party shall be banned. All religious organizations in our country can practice freely their faith and the Party shall exempt them from paying taxes as long as they can prove their accordance to international standards and engage in welfare. This includes Muslims.


Africans have the tendency, everywhere they go, not to integrate into the society they live in. They tend to live in their own communities. Now, in Ghana, the Party are experiencing mushrooming of the so-called Zongos. While the NDP recognizes the right of free movement in Ghana, they shall encourage integration of our people and not segregation. The Party does not encourage Ghettos, and separation in our country. Therefore, “Zongos” shall be banned, because they represent Ghettos.

The NDP wants one Ghana, one people and each region or district must use the resources made available to them by the central government solely for the benefit of indigenous people. Planning will thus be made easier. A situation where thousands of youth roaming about doing nothing and riding unlicensed motor bicycles causing havoc must stop. The main cause of filth in the cities is due to uncontrolled and unplanned urbanization.


When the Party comes into power, they will endeavor to have a clean environment, make sure that at vantage points in all the big cities there are means for all the citizens to wash and disinfect their hands, the Party shall introduce laws which make it mandatory for house owners to clean the pavement in front of their property, the Party shall encourage the training of landscape gardeners and make sure that new housing projects have enough parking places for their vehicles, enough places for beautiful gardens and that all the houses must through subventions by the government have solar panels and photovoltaic elements for the production of energy.

The Party shall introduce health officers who go from house to house to make sure that drinking water is clean, refuse are properly collected and disposed of – in other words, the government shall actively be involved in making sure that the environment is as clean as possible.

Migration of people from the North to the South

This is termed urbanization. It is a global phenomenon. In Ghana it is typically not rural = urban migration. People want to find a new life in the South. Most migrants are young adults often uneducated in family planning. Lack of public services and utilities, electricity, schools, hospitals, clean water.

The NDC government looks on and does nothing about the situation. Their ideas are too limited to be useful. They hang on to local government systems which have failed bitterly but the Professor Ahwoi who introduced this local government system has been honored, while NPP also looks on powerless, because intellectually they cannot imagine any solution to this phenomenon.

Creating of special institutions in the regions to help the youth learn new skills is the solution.

Skills Institutions

Vocational training prepares workers or learners for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and related to specific trade, occupation or vocation. It covers a wide range of subject areas and tends to be more hands-on than academic qualifications might be. Our world is changing fast and the Party need more skills than ever before. Two out of 3 jobs in future will require a higher level of skills and better qualification.

The Party reckons each region will have to train 350,000 young people (costing billions) in boarding schools and state-of-the-art institutions. The party will work out the curriculum. This will help reduce migration and thus reduce the burden of filth in the cities.

The Party shall endeavor to link industry to technical universities. After completion of their skill training, the Party shall create sort-of PWDs, where these young people could do their apprenticeship. Others will be helped financially to set up their own small and medium businesses. The regional governments would be helped to employ these young people.

Contracts in the future will go only to Ghanaian companies. These companies will have their industries and organization controlled and certified by foreigners from Europe that our local contractors satisfy certain basic requirements before securing contracts.

The party will introduce checks and balances on a 6-monthly basis. The Party shall not take anything for granted. Only this attitude will propel us forward.

21st Century Health Care in Ghana

The Party will put people first in our health care. In order to pursue the 21st century health care in Ghana, the Party must adopt what the advisory commission on consumer protection and quality in the health care industry in the United States recommended in 1998.

Recommendations in General

1.     All health care organizations, professionals groups and private and public purchasers should adopt as their explicit purpose to continually reduce the burden of illness, injury and disability and to improve the health and function of the People of Ghana.

2.     All health care organizations, professionals, private and public purchasers should pursue six major aims:

a.       Health care should be safe, should be effective, should be patient-centered, timely efficient and equitable.

3.     Progress must be constantly assessed by creation of a National Quality Report.

4.     Local efforts to implement innovation and achieve improvement through simple rules.

5.     Care based on continuous healing relationship that means 24 hours a day, every day. The care must be designed to meet the patients' needs.

6.     Shared information with patients.

7.     Evidence-Based decision-making will be focused on disability adjusted life-years (DALYs).

8.     Safety as a system property.

9.     Transparency.

10.   Using information technology and internet.

11.   In the regions, the Party have to have regional health care financing administration and a special agency for health care research and quality with input from private payers.

12.   Increase in chronic conditions and changing mortality patterns should be taken into account.

13.   Mental health should be taken seriously.

PAY - Structure

There is bound to be wide variations in the pay of GPs throughout Ghana. Regional governments must take advice from various doctors and dentists review bodies.


Pays must be specified by GMA, and not by the government. All doctors must have contracts with the administration of the hospitals they are working for. The basis of the pay should be hourly rates. Doctors or junior doctors should work 8 hours daily with 30 minutes break for lunch. Consultants should be paid consultant fees, should be given 30 beds in the hospital where they are directors as private practice. They in turn should be on duty for emergencies in case the junior doctors go on strike.

Consultants thus though employed will be allowed to do private work but only in the hospital they are employed, e.g. insurance examinations and reports, private medical examinations.

Checks and Balances

The complaints procedure in general practice and in the hospitals:

1.     Local resolution

2.     Independent review

3.     Ombudsman

4.     Disciplinary procedures

The structure of the Health System:

1.     Dept. of Health

a.       Social services

b.     Public Health GP

c.       Executive agencies

                                                              i.     Medical devices

                                                            ii.     Medicine control

                                                          iii.     Health Authority Estates

                                                          iv.     Pensions

                                                            v.     Purchasing and supply

The health system shall be an autonomous body running as business with CEO, etc.

Ministry of Health will have nothing to do with it, except for matters relating to Public Health.

All other issues of Health will be fully decentralized, e.g. University hospitals, Nursing, Etc.

There shall be Health Services Agencies in Ashanti Region, Brong Ahafo, Upper West- and –East, Northern Region, Central- and Western Region, Volta Region

All the regions shall be autonomous in all decisions about Health, including the need for Health Posts, Hospitals, Training of nurses, doctors, specialists.

The Central Government in Accra will have nothing to do with decision in various regional centers.

Transfers of health workers shall be abolished.

It will be up to Volta Region to plan their Health System as they deem fit. The usual budget support from the Central Government will be given to them.

1.     Care for the most vulnerable and the seniors, juniors, and infants shall be free.

2.     Care for the mentally handicapped and mentally ill shall be free.

3.     The Party shall introduce “Health on Wheels”, Testing for Glaucoma, Blood pressure checks, Blood sugar testing, minor surgery, wound treatment, driving to remote villages.

4.     Entrance exams for trained nurses shall be abolished. Exit exams shall be only practical exams. These nurses shall operate remote centers.

5.     Dentists on wheels to help the rural folk.

6.     Helicopters to transport emergencies to nearby hospitals.

7.     24-hours pharmacy shops open – with police protection.

8.     Ambulance service with well-trained paramedicals, not pediatricians.

9.     These measures will be started immediately our Flagbearer is elected as the President.

10.   The Party recognize that conveying the sick to the hospitals will be a problem because of traffic jams. It is therefore important to start the skill training to help de-congest the cities.

11.   The economic activities must be dispersed into other rural centers. This is important!

Re-structuring the Health Care System

1.     National Health Insurance system in Ghana shall be abolished. Free medical care shall be introduced for all.

2.     Creation of medical Centers for diagnostic purposes could be privately owned.

3.     Immunization.

4.     Treatment of acute malaria.

5.     Treatment of anemia and its related blood transfusions.

6.     Screening for BPH, Glaucoma.

7.     Creation of Medical Academy where weekend Master-Classes will take place (mandatory).

8.     Essential drugs can be cheaply produced in the country and joint ventures with neighboring countries should be our goal.

9.     Emergency rooms at the airport.

10.   153 dentists for 24 million people is a shame, so train more dentists.

11.   The Party need to train more Psychiatrists.

12.   Hospital wards shall not be big halls like in WW II.

There must be proper decentralization where all these measures mentioned above could be dealt with by the regional elected ministers efficiently. So far, nothing has happened. The people are being choked in inefficiency. This list of what I have described above is quite impressive. The Public Health aspect will have to be tackled by the Ministry of Health of each region. This is democracy at work. The previous governments have chosen not to live the mandate bestowed upon them by the electorate to transform the fortunes of the economy but have instead been engaging in misdirecting their effort and energy in petty squabbles and insulting dignified Icon leader of our nation, ex-President Rawlings. Allegations are making rounds that some ministers and officials of this government are corrupt. The Party shall investigate and if found guilty, they will lose their citizenship. Rawlings and the wife do not have shares in NDC; they have the interest of the people at heart.

Pharmacists in Private Practice

Registered pharmacists and no one else will deal in pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutic technical assistants who should be well trained and certified after a 3-year course to work in the pharmacies will assist the pharmacists. They all shall wear white overalls with their nametag or badge for identification.

All the pharmacy shops will have to satisfy new governmental specifications and pharmacists shall be helped to get a loan for purpose-built shops – state-of-the-art. They shall be made liable for prosecution if any fake drugs are found in their stores.

They will have to liaise with Food and Drug Administration to ensure the quality of the drugs on sale. Those working in hospitals will have to satisfy the requirements of the individual hospitals.

Grants for the Health System

1.     Each region gets so-called block grants.

2.     These are not related to need but can be spent as they choose.

3.     The funding in each region must relate to their expenses. This however must be justified.

4.     There must be divergence.

5.     The NDP politics must have value professionalism

6.     There will be the need for our Flagbearer to meet personally the professionals, region by region, for mutual discussion.

7.     The objective of NDP will be to improve the environmental condition and thus improve Public Health.

8.     Public latrines and sewerage system shall be dealt with. Underground sewage treatment plants shall be introduced.


The status or our markets, especially their environmental credentials are poor. Newly designed, state-of-the-art markets are overdue. The markets should be constructed to include modern toilets sunshades, refrigerators, etc., etc.. Health officers must examine the Quality of food especially of the meat the Party eat.

The storage of food and the disinfection of hands that handle food must be considered. This is nation building.


1.     All newly built houses will have to have photovoltaic panels to generate electricity.

2.     It should be possible for the Regional Governments to subsidize them.

3.     If everything from building material up to the structure and other systems could be produced in Ghana, the Party can locally produce with our trained young men descent housing all over the country.

4.     It will therefore be in the interest of NDP government in association with Dept. of Architecture at U.S.T. to develop affordable and beautiful structures locally.

5.     NDP will never let outside firms get contracts in Ghana at the expense of our own real estate companies.

6.     Our Flagbearer will immediately contact Ghanaian estate developers for co-operation.

The various Regional Governments must take advantage of the opportunity tourism creates for their economy. The Party expect Regional Governments to stand and fight for their people with creative ideas to earn money for their regions.


Cocoa farmers must not be obliged to sell their products to Cocoa Marketing board. They must reap what they sow. Other commodities like coffee and tea should be encouraged as export commodities. The advantages of farming creating jobs should not be underestimated.

Regional Ministries of Agriculture will be responsible for matters affecting agricultural products in their region.

Military and Police

There shall be Regional Police answerable only to Regional Prime Minister. Members shall solely be from the ethnic group of the region, for simplicity and efficiency sake. Accommodation shall not be provided. This is a colonial legacy. Financial incentive for accommodation shall be paid.

With the Military, only the ethnic groups of the region shall be stationed in that region e.g. Ethe Party soldiers in Volta Region, etc., etc.

Our Military shall be termed Peoples' Defense Force and should concentrate on air, land and sea defense of our soil. Alliances and partnerships shall be sought with neighboring African countries to reduce procurement costs.

Other matters like drug addiction, HIV – Aids, Hepatitis infection, these are Public Health issues for the Minister of Health of the various regions to deal with.

Drug Misuse and Dependence

NDP-Guidelines for Ghana on Clinical Management:

1.     Clinical Governance

a.       Principles of clinical governance

b.     doctors training

c.       non-medical prescribing

d.     confidentiality involving patients and carers

2.     Essential Elements of Treatment

a.       assessment, planning care and treatment

b.     delivery of treatment

c.       drug treatment

d.     drug testing

3.     Psycho-Social component of Treatment

a.       Principles of psychosocial intervention etc.

4.     Pharmacological Interventions

a.       Prescribing

b.     introduction onto methadone and buprenorphine treatment

c.       supervised consumption

d.     opioid maintenance prescribing

e.       detox

5.     Health Consideration

a.       blood-borne infection

b.     preventing drug-related deaths

c.       alcohol

d.     diazepam dependence

e.       tobacco

This information is based on clinical guidelines on the treatment of drug abuse in the U.K. The Party shall introduce this to Ghana to save our young people from addiction deaths. In Ghana, the newly formed Public Health will have to deal with HIV-infections, Hepatitis A, -B, -C infections, Hep. E infection. The Party shall make it a responsibility of the General Practitioner, GP, to provide medical services for drug misusers. That is why GP-position and function will have to be reviewed and upgraded. Drug related overdoses must be prevented. It becomes clear therefore that the NDC Government is very incompetent and not only criminally corrupt, but abusive.


Poverty reduction

Macro/Micro economy

The Private Sector






Training and Capacity building

are for Regional Governments to deal with.

Full Citizenship for Ghanaians in the Diaspora.

Creative Industrial Design Schools (e.g., Deutscher Werkbund, founded 1907, was a German state sponsored effort to integrate traditional crafts and industrial mass production techniques to put Germany on a competitive footing with England and the USA. This is applied arts and applied science.) The Party must start immediately. Packaging Companies (collaborative technology company, designing and manufacturing top quality folding cartons and boxes for consumer products) Help for the Elderly, people above 60 years, especially those with meagre pensions and those with no pensions at all. Also, free health care and transportation costs. The Party need Research Institutes for various sciences, named after truly great Leaders of our Time, such as Kwame Nkrumah and J.J. Rawlings.

Transplantation Medicine must be encouraged and the case of cardio-thoracic surgeon Prof. Frimpong-Boateng must be reviewed. Creating and Sustaining Job Mahama is being deceptive and intellectually bankrupt in the topic of creating Jobs.

The Party considers that in most respects the battle for the continuing salience of social justice as a political ideal has been won in Ghana, in that all political parties in Ghana are committed to policies that are underpinned by an appeal to social justice. However, it is one thing to accept the principles of social justice and another to practice it. Maybe this has not been possible in Ghana because of that bad constitution the Party have. A constitution that virtually gives a tacit support, directly or indirectly, to ethnocentrism, is not helpful. The Party would like to remind at this junction about the fate of our people all over the world because of the color of our skin.

One may ask what this discrimination has to do with policies. The answer is simple: In our Constitution, the basic human rights of each one of us must be respected and the Party found that there has been abuse of Mrs. Rawlings' basic human rights under the watchful eye of this our President. Our policy will be the Party shall guarantee the basic human rights of every citizen of our country in Ghana and abroad. The Party should not underestimate the devastating social and economic consequences of people not having confidence in us as an ethnicity and us as a people. This is one of the reasons why the Partying the NDP are asking for a reform of the structure of our constitution simply to empower the people and the Party mean all the people. NDP will be the vehicle for the true social justice and the Party shall establish a center for social justice when the Party come into power.

The factors that lead to re-emergence of social justice include intellectual changes, institutional changes, developmental changes and a concern with the perceived consequences of a lack of concern with social or distributive justice.

The Party have talked of devolution and not federation. The Party did this because of love of our country, not because of indulgence of selfishness. The Party feel our people must be empowered and finally be responsible for their fate. The cries for help coming from various regions and sometimes envy exhibited by those who think other regions are being preferred should stop.

The savings of the workers with the Social Security (SSNIT) must be diversified and used for the health care of the poor or the workers and not for the private acquisition of airplanes for the rich. This constitutes a criminal offence and will be investigated as soon as the Party come into power.

The sudden death of President Mills

When the Party come into power the Party endeavor to investigate the events that led to the death of President Mills with special reference to the following:

Was President Mills dead when he was transported to 37 Military Hospital? If he was dead, then a doctor or a coroner before removal should have certified his death.

In Europe, death must always be certified by a doctor who fills a form indicating so many important factors before coming to the conclusion of death. After certification, the dead body can be removed.

The Party have a case where the Head of State, who apparently had a recent history of throat cancer, was complaining of a neck pain instead of someone calling in a doctor a self-medication is provided by an unknown person by providing him with a neck-collar.

The possibility of meningeal irritation due possibly to subarachnoid bleeding or possibly carotis artery puncture by a metastatic tumor should be considered. At any rate, the Party are told that he had massive blood gushing out of the mouth and nose without vital signs. Most likely, he died of acute pump failure of the heart. Now a Brigadier at the 37 Military Hospital tells the whole world that a doctor and two pediatricians were sent to collect the possibly dead body of the President from the Castle. Why not paramedics is still unclear to all of us.

Now the poor taxpayer of Ghana has to pay for the expensive 9-hour-journey to America for medical check-up and to pay for his entourage in most expensive hotels when in Ghana doctors, pharmacists and nurses cannot be paid by the same man. Now here the Party are: The Party are being asked to vote for a President who owes us answers to these questions. The Party have been told that 80% of the supporters of this party are all Ewes and that even Kofi Adams, the secretary of the ex-President and Nana Konadu Agyeman is prepared to vote for NDC despite all these revelations. It is a clear indication that he is also voting purely on ethnic consideration and not in the interest of the nation.

Anyone who declares that NDC is practicing institutionalized corruption and therefore Destruction of our nation will have questions to answer before God.

NDC and the Candidate

The Party of the NDP maintain that the object of politics is solely social contentment. The Party think however, Mrs. Rawlings, contrary to what her opponents say, is a nice, a good looking Ghanaian hard working lady from a humble home. She is Ashanti and from the Ashanti Royal Family. Her mother is a soft spoken, humble, equally good-looking Ashanti woman, by profession a teacher. Her father was the late J.O.T. Agyeman, a famous and respectable Ghanaian businessperson. She grew up in a house full of hard working passionate family, who gave her the strong conviction of the power of politics to change lives. One of her greatest attributes that the Party all admire is her dedication, her boldness and lack of prejudice against other ethnic groups in our society. She thinks that NDC under late Mills and under President Mahama has got a lot wrong, for instance using ethnicity to gain votes and using religion – in this case Mahama using Muslim organizations – to retain power.

She as the flagbearer of the NDP thinks NDC is wrong on so many issues for instance on corruption, education and she thinks that all children should be tolerant, they should be taught music, dancing, sports, languages, discipline, strong religious believes and so on and so forth.

She thinks our government is wrong on not supporting an African country, which has been invaded by foreigners, namely Libya, and not initiating proper policies in strengthening African unity.

She thinks that economic development has something to do with confidence in our country and therefore corruption will not be helpful in people having confidence in us. Those who do not trust us will not invest in our country. Mrs. Rawlings will do things differently; she will introduce anti-corruption and transparency laws. Offenders must reckon with life imprisonment and criminal offences will be followed into eternity. She will give Ghanaians abroad, the so-called Diaspora double citizenship where feasible. She will introduce special banks for small businesses, to make it possible for our small businesses to do business in other African countries and Europe. There will never be any discrimination based on ethnicity. She will therefore immediately institute laws against any form of discrimination against anybody with a different ethnic background. She will speak for the mainstream majority of the Ghanaians. She will shape the center ground of politics and she will not occupy it. For the sake of justice, she well ask for electoral reform, e.g. devolution, of the whole Regions. If the people there will be regional governments accept the referendum, regional Prime Ministers, regional Health Ministers, regional Police, regional education systems and she will make sure that there is proportional distribution of the wealth all over the country. There is not going to be any discrimination of any sort in our country.

Discrimination against women will be prohibited and she will fight for stronger civil liberties. She will make sure that the Party have a strong central government army, which will be independent. She will cut the deficit because it is patriotic to do so. She will allow a grown up debate in this country about who the Party are and where the Party want to go and what kind of country the Party want to build. She will declare that the era of Kofi Awoonor, Victor Gbeho and all those Ewes who have kept their own people poor and remained in the limelight of politics is gone and gone forever. The greatest menace facing our country, which is the drug-menace, which is bringing untold hardships onto many citizens, causing armed robbery, which is killing many of our people, will be dealt with all the force available to us. Mrs. Rawlings will preside over the creation of scientific research institutions and specialization of different kinds of medicines in our country. She will increase the number of eye specialists, dentists and psychiatrists. She will drop the age-barrier, which is impeding progress in our country.

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